Welcome to the online training arena of Bookends Farm

Here you will find training solutions for the challenges of day to day life with horses. If your horse is unhappy being loaded into a trailer, being bathed, having his feet worked with, or other necessary chores, my courses will show you how to help. It’s always best, of course, to prepare for these things long before you need them.

Routine care, such as hoof trimming and veterinary well visits, go much more smoothly if you’ve taken the time to train your horse ahead of time. The first course is now available.

The same techniques will also work for work under saddle, whether it’s a quiet trail ride or competitive venue. I am just beginning to upload lessons to this site. I will be adding additional lessons over time, so check back in, or better yet, send me an email asking for a specific topic! To see the currently available courses, use the menu above or click here.

Training your horse should be fun for both of you. The lessons on this site will show you how.

Enjoy the training,

Jane Jackson

Train safe and easy trailer loading

Teach your horse to stand and wait for you (ground tie)

Have fun with some agility obstacles to build confidence and skills