30 Days of Husbandry Week 1!

Thank you all for joining the course and congratulations on getting in on the introductory sale price.

I want to use this space to keep course attendees up to date on changes or additions. I value everyone’s feedback and have already added some things in response to comments. If you’d like to see something clarified with additions or changes, please let me know. Your best chances of responses are, of course, going to be by using good training techniques. Reinforce what you like and be precise in sharing what else you would like to see!

What I have updated: Each lesson now includes the Training Phases and type of conditioning (classical or operant) seen in that lesson posted right at the top. These are all listed in the index as well, so you can search for lessons with particular attributes, but several people said they’d like each lesson to specify right in the lesson. Done!

What’s in process: While I stated in writing prior to purchase that one should have a clear understanding and capability with the basics, I know some people get excited and miss that. I am close to completing a crash course in the basics. Being a crash course, it’s far from comprehensive and I strongly recommend more background, but I hope a crash course will give you just enough to proceed successfully. The crash course will be free, available only to those who have signed up for a paid course. Anyone will be able to use it for review/refresher as well.

What’s ready for review: Someone already picked up on another course I have built called 2 Minute Training Plans. It was not officially published but by the annoying magic of technology it showed up at the bottom of a page where I didn’t expect it. That is an interactive course- you must email me assignments (just a sentence or two) of how you are applying each lesson before I send you a password for access to the next lesson.

If you are interested in reviewing that course, I am offering free access to anyone currently enrolled in 30 Days of Training. In exchange, I ask that you send me some feedback on it. Just send me an email at bookendsfarm@gmail.com if you are interested, and I’ll add you to the course and send you a feedback form. To read more about it, you can find a link at the bottom of this page https://bookendsfarmacademy.com/course/30-days-of-husbandry/

Don’t miss future updates! Please go to the Introduction Lesson (the first one in the list of lessons) and sign up to get notified by email any time I post here so you can stay up to date (sign up under “Don’t Miss Updates and Offerings” under the blue directional arrows).

That’s it for now! Thanks again for joining us and let me know how things are going.


  • lottie Hains

    This is helping break horse husbandry down to the smallest slice. that is needed for the horse i am working with. going though the the list even with my older horses to see if i have missed body language that may have been yelling at me. i did not thinking to look for.
    thank you

  • Admin123

    So glad you are finding it helpful Lottie! It’s easy to fall into patterns of what works for us, sometimes missing the body language. Obviously I’ve been guilty of it myself in order to get the video I did. We keep learning…