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The husbandry skills included range from simply being able to handle your horse’s ears to getting them started with comfort for injections or blood draws. You will have six months access to the material.



This self guided 30 Days of Husbandry course contains 30 different things we do in caring for our horses. Each lesson includes brief video(s) of a positive reinforcement based training session and a written description of what is happening in that video.

You can pick and choose the order in which you do the lessons to create a horse who is happier and safer to be around. You’ll see different phases of training from introduction on. 

Lessons require minimal supplies or equipment: things that are easily found in most barns (thermometer, rag/towel, halter) or can be acquired at a local feed supply store (syringe, rubber gloves).
Who is this course for? Participants should come to this course with at least a basic understanding of clicker training: the importance of good timing and keen observation; and have the basic mechanics of how to click and feed safely

3 reviews for Purchase 30 Days of Husbandry

  1. Lottie Eriksson

    This is a great resource for anyone wanting to train their horse for everyday routines, and prepare for veterinary procedures. If you’ve done the training for all the lessons I’d say your horse will be well prepared to deal with almost any husbandry situation that may arise.

    Seeing horses with different personalities, in different stages of training, is very helpful. Though the videos don’t include the full training process for each task, they complement each other, so you get plenty of ideas on how to set up the training in a way that suits your own horse.

    One thing I really love about this course is that you get to see some real life training, where things don’t always go according to plan. Jane generously shares her own mistakes, and gives plenty of pointers on horses’ body language; all very helpful when you want to improve your ability to read horses and improve your training skills.

  2. Ally Phelps

    30 Days of Husbandry is an incredible resource for reference, a library!! 30 different skills, with genuine, candid, untrimmed video of actual training sessions with real-time written notations (and accompanying written lessons) to act as inspiration and learning material.

  3. Lily

    This is helping break horse husbandry down to the smallest slice. that is needed for the horse i am working with. going though the the list even with my older horses to see if i have missed body language that may have been yelling at me. i did not thinking to look for.
    thank you

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