Purchase 2 Minute Training Plans


This course will take you through 30 days of creating training plans, step by step. You decide the goal and the process; this course will give you a template to lay out your plan and journal…in only two minutes!



I designed this interactive course to share the way I plan my training sessions. I will review each step of your plans with you. There are 10 lessons. You will practice each one for three days and then submit your very brief (2 minute!) plan to me via email. I will respond within 24 hours (barring unforeseen circumstances) so you can go on to the next lesson.

Before signing up, you should have an idea of something you would like to work on. You will be designing a daily (2 minute!) training plan for this each day to work through the process.

At the end, you may or may not choose to follow my template, but you will have seen many different things to take into account when planning your training sessions.


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